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Hey people,

had a long break from volume one because it's winter here and I get ill rather quick -.-
anyways, i have a cover of wicked game that I kinda just sang for fun. Its a bit quiet (cause it was after a cold) and I know its not presenting ken's method but I just would kinda like general feedback of my singing. Just started guitar to kinda get into the feeling^^


Thanks and I'll try and get back to volume one as soon as possible :D



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    You are on pitch, no problems there.  It would be helpful for you to brighten your voice up a lot.  Probably brighter than you think it needs to be. 

    Also, when you are getting back into volume one, pay attention to the way Ken shows you to breathe properly.  You, like me and just about everybody else, could use a lot more support for your breath.  That will help your voice in more ways than you can imagine.

    Get back in there again and start building your voice.  Do the exercises daily, and get that fire burning!

    Welcome back!


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    Hey guys, 

    Just wanted to get your opinion on how im doing. My goal is to grow my chest voice to sing Rock. When singing more lightly i feel like im way to airy. Btw when doing this scale there was no tension and it feels correct. 
    Hoping for some Feedback. 

    Thanks, Kevin 

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    Howdy, Kevin!

    Is there a new Audio demo?  I only see this posting from last December... ?

    Nice to hear from you again.


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    Just added the link. Some how it didnt accept mp3...any other way i can upload Audio Files? 
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    We prefer that everyone use Soundcloud for Audio and YouTube for Video.

    Kevin, I don't want to be the bearer of news you might not want to hear, but in your newer sample Ken is singing in one key and you repeat, but on totally different pitches than the key he is in.

    You need to get a better handle on matching the pitches that are presented to you in the exercises.

    You are in fine tune with yourself, but off by a considerable amount from the reference pitches Ken gives on the guitar and with his vocals.

    I think you need to take advantage of the free (for enrolled students) program "Basic Pitch - Part One."

    I believe you could benefit a lot from going through that program and learning just what is the degree of pitch discernment issues that may be with either your hearing or your singing.  I think it's totally correctable, but you really need to be able to zero in on this issue. Otherwise, you will find yourself in situations where you are singing your heart out, but in the wrong key.  I would not want to allow someone to remain unaware that they had this issue, when asked for feedback.

    If you go through this Basic Pitch program you can begin to tackle pitch discernment and hopefully become the singer you want to be.  Your voice doesn't sound that bad at all, taken on its own.  But when you put a good melody over music that is in a key other than the one you are singing in, you can run into substantial problems. 

    Ken was really right-on when he put this Basic Pitch program together.  Many aspiring singers do have a good voice, but have not learned how to put it in the proper context to take advantage of their abilities.  Others do not have even the ability to sing properly with good tone or pitch at all, and need to step back and get a handle on even more.  Still, given proper attention and effort there is hope for even these individuals, if they are willing to focus and put in the work.

    You can find the Basic Pitch - Part One program here in the KTVA Forums in the category called Better Tone and Pitch.  I highly recommend that you give this a go.

    Good Singing to You, my Friend!



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    Hi Bob, 

    Thanks for your efforts ;)  and its fine because i did want Feedback. 
    Actually i never really had problems with pitch, it could be  that i wasn't listening to the CD and just tried to go up the scale. I sent the file to ken and i think nigel was his name said im on a Good Track. 
    Could you tell me where i can find this pitch Programme? 
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    Other than the pitch.. Did everything else sound correct? 
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    Go to CATEGORIES List on the right side of this page.  Below Volume One, and just a few categories above Volume Two, you will see a Category called "Better Tone and Pitch".  Click into that and you will find a post on Basic Pitch - Part One.  Click on the link there and you will be into the program.

    All the Best!


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