Critique My Singing Please

stevenkim97stevenkim97 Member Posts: 10
Hi, can somebody please critique and give me some tips to sing better?

I sound really bad. I just started singing.


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346


    Two things you need the most to do are the two most common things most singers need when they submit demos here:

    1. Brighten up the tone.  Big time.  Make it bright, until it sounds TOO BRIGHT, and that will be just about right.  

    2. Support, Support, Support.  You need to build strength for your diaphragmatic support mechanism.   All of your power for singing needs to be delivered by your diaphragmatic support mechanism.

    Good singing to you.


  • stevenkim97stevenkim97 Member Posts: 10
    Ok, Thank you for listening!
    What do you mean by "brightening" the tone? Does it mean to sing higher?

  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    Brightening the tone refers to the placement of the tone. It can be achieved by singing into the front of the face(mask) and proper cord closure( not using a lot of air in the tone. Bright tone and support are covered fully in volume 1 if you haven't purchased it yet.
  • reessereesse Enrolled Posts: 159
    Im definitely echoing the earlier comments. I think you need to brighten up the tone and support it !!!!!!!!! Follow Ken he knows the way!!!
  • kurzweilkurzweil Enrolled Posts: 27
    Hi! Your demo sounds like my first singing demos. First of all, if you sing something, sing it with confident. You cannot think that "ok, i just sing those notes, maybe, i if can...can i?" You need to think that you are the instrument, you are filling the song with feelings. So where to start? I think the ha-ha breathing exercise is good. With out correct breathing you cant sing well. And if you breath is ok, then you can control and make colours to your sound (brightening, darkening). You can make ng sound like in word sing and make it really bright. If you want to darken it, think that you are Elvis. But the best sound comes in the middle of that, in rock music usually little more brightness is better. If you feel the buzz in teeth and nose you on the right track.
  • kurzweilkurzweil Enrolled Posts: 27
    I forgot few important things. Dont try sing if you havent got enough sleep. And dont try to record something if you scare that someone hears. Put some more volume with correct breathing, bring the sound waves to your mask, also in the low notes its really important that the sound has brightness and resonates from your mask. This gives the power to the sound and it is the carrying thing. You cannot belt in the low notes but they can sound really good if you found the brightness and control to your notes.
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