Hello people of KTVA

So I would like to introduce myself to everyone here. Not really good at this whole forum thing but I want to be active within the community as I prepare to start my journey with this course. My name is Anthony, I have been singing for about 3 or 4 years, I am 26. I taught myself to sing or maybe it was the influence of music that taught me? Regardless I have never had a actual lesson and the only way I have learned is from just applying it with a band. I have to admit it was pretty rough at first but I think I've come a long way. I am really excited to religiously work this program. I am currently in a band as the lead singer/guitarist, we have been together for about 3 years now and things are finally starting to move forward. As of now, after I finish this ramble as it seems to be turning out, I plan to finish recording these songs I have prepared and post them up as a before I begin KTVA! I definitely would love critic, mainly on the vocals of course. Music is my life, nothing revolves around me more then the passion I have. I don't know what else to say so I am just gonna leave it at that! Look forward to meeting everyone here at KTVA!


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