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Tips on "leaning into the sound"?

gusLgusL 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 8
Hey guys, on volume 2 now for about 3 days now and just have a quick question on stretching chest.
On the lah-ooh-oh-ah exercise, you can hear Ken so-to-speak, "leaning into the sound" as he reaches the higher notes.
Just a bit confused on how he does this exactly. ive seen videos where when he "leans in" and hits that high note his diaphragm sort of caves inwards (controlled).
Couple questions on this:
1. I'm supposed to pull my diaphragm in more (compared to regular) when stretching chest all the way right? if so how do i know how hard to pull it in? i dont want my diaphragm to collapse on me. (i dont suspect it will because ive built support up for awhile now, but sometimes when i go really hard i might feel a burp or something wanting to escape me haha)
2. i suspect those higher notes will come with time. you're not going to get all the way to the top of the scale instantly even if you have great support, right?
3. when he "leans in" it really sounds like hes straining for the first half of the note (until he sustains it). That part really confuses me, maybe its just his tone or something but i thought there was supposed to be a relaxation response and that really doesn't sound like his chords are relaxed. maybe its just me?

would appreciate it to those who can take the time to help me with my struggle.


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