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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, my cords and excersizes

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Hi Ken, Kiki here. Its been since 2014 that I had my first of three neck fusions. After the first one I could tell a huge difference and as you know, by the third, I lost my original sound, quality, control, range, etc. For the past 5 years I have continued to do Divas 2 and 3 about 5 to 6 times a week. I have seen ENTs, a speech/vocal therapist and an Otolaryngologist on a regular basis and still have only seen about 25-30% improvement in that time. Despite the fact that my ears and throat have told me NO! (sound and performance quality), I have been in a band for 4 years that just performs in the summer a little.
Well, it would appear that I have EDS a disease with a ton of areas it effects, vocal cords being one area. This is why I have seen little improvement. Granted I can sing well very low and even belt mid-range still with clarity but manipulation of any kind is difficult and painful at times so I have had to quit the band.
****I have noticed that if I am in the cold...the colder the better (we got arctic temps and I could sing for hours so I did outside...I didn't care. I was singing!!) cords and muscles constrict, tighten, reduce swelling, etc....I can sing my entire register (Sandy Patty high - Karen Carpenter low) with ease, no pain or stress, proper vowel modification and throat placement and for hours with no negative repercussions, belting 80 percent of the time. *****No lie, during the arctic temps I moved cut logs for about 6 hours thru the middle of the night in the snow just cuz I could sing. For the first time in years I finally felt whole and could emote the best way I know how.
That being said, I did get shots one time in my throat from the Oto....doc. For two days after that I sang pretty darn good. Not "Frozen" good (lol) but I was happy. It didn't last though. Do you have any ideas on how to help me Ken? My vocal therapist doesn't have any ways to help and has tried with other patients in the past with it. His exercizes simply don't work. I purchased the Pure Mist humidifier, and utilize most of the goodies you talk about in keeping healthy cords. Do you have anything, ideas etc. to help??


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    Shane, agreed: @highmtn

    @Kiki, I think you and Bob know each other. I hope it is okay that we tagged Bob to check in.

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    KikiKiki Enrolled Posts: 11
    Hi guys, I can't find any responses expect the two question if it answered my question. What am I doing wrong? Sorry guys... TeeHee
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    KikiKiki Enrolled Posts: 11
    I think I found it. If if was about the sore throat then I saw it. The problem is that all muscles around any cartliage and joints are always swollen due to the lose soft tissue not able to hold its place. Therefore the the muscle have to compensate or the joints, cartliage, ligamonts etc.. don't have the strength to do what they are designed to do. It like walking like a marianette doll wobbly with no support but really sore all over cux the muscles have to compensate. ...sorry about the spelling errors. My sacrum keeps popping in and out on both sides today and it is more distracting and painful than you can imagine. Ugh.
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