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Hello! I'm a 14 year old boy from Norway. I'm a bass (ca. E2 to E4) and i really want to learn how to sing good. But i don't know how to begin or where to begin. I have tried to search it up on youtube, but every person says something different. What i really want to focus on, is to be able to sing high notes, but i don't know if I should increase the range or if I should try to get rid of the crack or maybe I'm just an idiot and I really should begin somewhere else.


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    Hello @TheLurifax,

    I am Marco, 48 years old and from Germany. I send you a very warm Welcome to the forums. My son, Nik(las) is 15 years old, so I can think what your concerns are.

    Singing doesn't come natural to all of us. To be honest, only few people are born with the happenstance that they do things right without knowing it. For most of us learning how to sing means a lot of work.

    If you want to learn how to sing, you have come to the right place. You will meet here a lot of people dedicated to Singing (including myself). And the people here are very, very kind and VERY helpful. If you want to grow your voice you start with Ken's free videos. There is one I recommend very often:


    This is a great starting point. And you can always ask us if you stuck somewhere.

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    @TheLurifax, you came to the right place
    this is the real deal and will grow your voice like crazy if you decide to get the course, I encourage you to do the video @doc_ramadani posted you, do it every day and you will improve a lot, but the course is a system of how to do it step by step, it takes discipline, but its the best program out there, no doubt, trust me, I went through every program book dvd and cd, for years, Roger Love, Seth Riggs, Mark Baxter, Melissa Cross you name it and i did that program, countless vocal lessons, with different vocal teachers, , if you go to a gym and start lifting weights you´ll get stronger, but you wont understand what you are doing and you´ll probably get hurt in the long run if you are not careful, that was me, I didn´t understand the mechanics of how the voice works, and started getting hurt, and that to me, is a waste of time, because I wanted to sing rock songs difficult songs and not get hurt.
    this is it

    hope you enjoy the forum and try KTVA
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    Thanks so much for the advices! :)
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    @TheLurifax Hey! I'm 16 from Honduras. I'm glad you have chosen to join us!
    You'll have a fun time here developing your voice in ways you would never imagine. I started out alone, I self taught myself the basics and more advanced techniques. But I would have saved SO much time, If I had started out with a program like this! It has enough material to last you for years!

    It's so good. And you can hear how Mr. Tamplin sings as proof of the results. Take a look at his students too. That could be you in few years if you keep on practicing!
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    New to this...testing to see access level
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    Hi @Notmikec2,

    it seems to work. :smile:

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