From Russia with love

Hi, Divas and Dudes!

It`s  very pleasant to meet people from all over the world here.

We are all brothers and sisters in singing, right?

Just joined KTVA at Chistmas (full course-3 stages) and now 31 december, so i want to say - Happy New Year for All! Best wishes and flying with voice!

My name is Michael and i`m guitarist/songwriter/singer and now i`m here to push my voice on pro level.

I was looking for good vocal teacher in rock singing (and not only rock - I want to reach  versatility) but at the same time the competent in musical theory ( to make the things properly)

Of course I've seen SLS courses but always been confused with one question:If the way of singing that i like (Freddy Mercury, David Coverdale, Klaus Meine, Dio) obviously NOT sounds like spoken , HOW SLS  can be helpful?

And then I found Ken Tamplin. It`s funny but With Ken introduced me Freddie. I did not know, who such Ken Tamplin before I saw him on Youtube, but i`m a huge fan of Freddie Mercury and when I saw the demonstration "How to sing like Freddie Mercury" on youtube, I could not pass by. And i was amazed. But when i saw how Ken sings Pavarotty I think - this guy not only CAN sings, but he also really knows how to do it properly, because his method based on real things. I believe, I found what I was looking for.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359


    It is good to have you here.  You will learn much about how to properly use your voice.  There are many here who tried SLS and made the decision that it did not give them the results they wanted.  KTVA has the elements you need to learn to make a powerful voice. 

    Good singing to you!


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    FarawayGuyFarawayGuy Pro Posts: 38
    Hi, Michael! Glad to see more Russian guys here! Funny - I'm from Russia too, I've joined recently because of same reasons - found Ken singing Dio and explaining and showing things some of which my teacher here in Moscow also talks about and - many orhers that are so new and interesting. Had no doubts about joining. Good luck to you and all of us in learning well. Happy New Year!!!
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    MichaelSMichaelS Pro Posts: 73

    Hi, Bob thanks for good wishes. And - not only information is important, but also a Ken`s  way of explaining. He is a really great teacher.

    FarawayGuy, I am salute you back. I thought, I'm only one student of Russia. I am from St-Petrsburg. And and I agree -no doubts about joining.

    Good singing for all of us!

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    FarawayGuyFarawayGuy Pro Posts: 38
    Piter is my favorite city! :) I do agree with you - Ken knows VERY WELL INDEED what he is talking about! I've looked through many videos of all the three parts and i appreciate the way he gives the teaching step by step. Let's get in touch in a month and share what we able to absorbe!
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    MichaelSMichaelS Pro Posts: 73
    OK, agreed :-)
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