Heyhey :D from Vienna, Austria!

Hey, guys and girls out there!

I'm Christina from Vienna, Austria (: I'm 23 years old and new to KTVA, I got my Dvd's last week and already started with Volume 1. I'm very excited to all this new stuff.
I came here to really start learning singing from beginning, because I had little vocal nodes on my vocal chords, which I just got rid off (hopefully still, I will get a doctor check next week again). It was hard for me to cut down singing all the way when I got that message last year of having vocal nodes, but I did my best and worked hard to get rid of them. Now I need to build up my voice again and train it to be able to sing again for a long time.

I like different kinds of music, but my heart belongs to rock and metal <3

My dream is to start off with another band again when feeling ready and then, step by step, of course, I would love to make a living out of my music. I know that these are high goals, but I say: dream big, what do you got to lose?
I got the great chance to be on stage with Five Finger Death Punch and Billy Talent and singing with them, and that was when I realized, I need to make more out of it and don't just waste my talent. If you're interested in me singing live with Billy Talent, I got a video for you under this link from the instagram account of Billy Talent:

I also wanted to ask you guys some questions.
1. When watching through Ken's videos, he always says that divas should do the octave above, but I would be able to do mostly both of them, except some very low tones at the end of the scale. Am I supposed to do both or should I only do Divas? Same question goes for the Dudes and Divas Workouts.

2. How much time did it take you to watch the whole Volume 1? I'm part time working, as I guess, many of you are, and the videos are pretty long when you should watch it several times. Did you do the lessons before, while or after watching through Volume 1 all the way through? How long did it take you to watch the Volume 1 several times?

Thanks for building this community and helping us newbies to become familiar with this stuff.

Cheers to you, and have a great week,



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    Welcome, @christina4gigs Christina from Austria. I'm Chris from USA. I've been with KTVA since November 2018.

    I'll try to answer Question 2 based on my experience. Also, you'll want to read the PDF document / instructions that is included in the volume.

    When you say lessons, I'm guessing you mean to say workouts. I'd start the workouts as soon as you understand the basic concepts of posture and breath support - and you understand what Ken is asking you to do for the different exercises / workouts. In other words - as soon as you can. That's the fun!!! :)

    Also, you have the benefit of watching the Divas Basic workout with Gabriela (Student Demonstrations) that is included in your volume one, in addition to Ken's lessons. You will find it very helpful to watch Ken work with her on the lessons.

    As for watching the videos multiple times, you will do that over time. Watch them - understand the concepts - do the workouts. As you do the workouts, you will likely find that some things aren't quite right, or that you have questions, and then you will go back and watch the video(s) again - as needed. I frequently revisit the breath support videos because I can't do it quite right, for example. Re-watching them you will learn new things or understand the concepts more clearly.

    When you get settled in to KTVA, consider joining us in the Collaborative Demos section to sing the weekly assignment. We are an informal group and attendance is optional - zero pressure. It is a safe place to post your performance and receive comments.

    Happy to have you here!

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    welcome from Mexico
    about question number 1 it depends on if you can actually do the divas workout, if you feel is too hard to reach the high notes , start on male version

    you dont have to do both, just divas if you are capable of following it

    I would start with the videos and try to do as much as you can, and repeat for about two weeks then go for the starters workout and then the main volume 1, take your time, you dont have to do everything right now just get in to the exercises, once you are sure you´ve gotten the idea of how to do the workouts start volume 1 for divas

    check the pdf that comes with volume 1 it will help you to get the idea

    hope this answers your questions
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    Hi, Christina. Welcome to KTVA forums.

    So sorry to hear you had to deal with vocal nodes. Good luck at your doctor visit next week. I recently started my second month here and from what I have learned I can tell you that taking this course is one of the best things you can do to train your voice safely. Since you are interested in a career, you may even consider one-on-one lessons with Ken. He recommends one per volume.

    For question 1, @Gaston_Jauregui is correct. Just do the Divas for the starter exercises. When you progress to the main workout, they are combined together and cover a bigger scale. It took me a month to progress there. Getting the right technique is more important at the start.

    For question 2, you can begin by doing your daily exercises with the videos instead of the starter exercises. That way you watch them during your exercise time if it is hard to make more time. That is what I did the first week to get a good foundation understanding. At one month in I am still doing this once a week and just recently had an aha moment with the sit-ups from the video. You will find as you rewatch that you will pick up on more things and get many aha moments as you go.

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    Hi @christina4gigs,

    a warm Welcome also from a neighbor from Germany. We have @Maximus3000 (Markus) in the forums. He is also from Austria.

  • Maximus3000Maximus3000 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 82
    servus @christina4gigs

    I am from lower austria and I saw you performing at the nova rock. I was in the first row 😂

    you will make huge progress in the next month when you take the lessons and practice carefully. Dont rush, take your time and you will improve massively!
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    Welcome Christina,

    I like to look at them (well as they pretty much are) modules.... you go through them at your own pace. You cannot look at them all and call it a day, you really need to go through them investing yourself a 100% if you want to be successful... that being said, maybe some parts will teach you less that others, but I encourage you to go through all of each steps, for it's really rewarding, but hey, I'm a newbie, I aint no professional, but what I ca tell ya for sure is that it really works, but you need to invest yourself, it's not a magic wand......

    cheers from Canada
    Nath xxx
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    Hey guys, thank you all so much for the great tips and answers, I really appreciate that!
    I was a bit off because of family issues (grandma passed away last weekend).
    Vocal nodes are officially gone, the mucosa is a little bit thickened, but that's alright as long as I don't rush into singing, so good news to that!

    @cwcw @Gaston_Jauregui, @Mysti thanks a lot for your answers, I used all your tips and found them very helpful, thanks a lot!

    To all the others, thanks for your warming welcome. @Maximus3000 this is crazy haha, where exactly are you from? I hope you liked it :D

    Thanks to all of you (:
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    I'm sorry to hear about grandma passing away, and your vocal problems, but I'm glad you are on the mend. I hope you are well soon so you can begin singing again. :)
  • Maximus3000Maximus3000 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 82

    I am also sorry for your grandma....
    I am from the "Wachau" near "Spitz an der Donau". The Novarock festival was crazy :smiley: I really enjoyed the gig where you got on stage. It was a great concert. Maybe we will see each other this year? I will be there for sure :smile:

  • christina4gigschristina4gigs 2.0 PRO Posts: 17
    @Maximus3000 thank you very much!
    Oh, cool (: yeah it really was!! Thank you (: Yeah, Billy Talent is always a pleasure and I will never forget that day :D
    Yep, I already got my tickets, maybe we'll run into each other (:
  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Oh cool, so you are planning an Austrian KTVA Students meeting? - Are Germans allowed to take part? So to say: get to know your neighbors! :smile:
  • Maximus3000Maximus3000 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 82
    everyone is welcome :smiley:
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