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Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Kyle. I'm 20 and been singing for four and years. The vast majority of my time working on my voice has been spent working with Brett Manning's version of SLS. Two summers ago I went up to Nashville and took a couple lessons from a pair of Brett Manning Associates in their Nashville studio. After that, I started taking bi-weekly Skype lessons with one of them. I took lesson from him for a little over a year with only minor improvement in my voice. I finally got frustrated enough with the progress to price ratio of the lessons to stop taking them in September.

After a few months of continuing with what my previous coach had to told to work on, I decided it was time for a change. I purchased Volume 1 of Ken Tamplin's program to give it a try. It's been a little tricky to transition so far because after over four years with SLS, I had become pretty thoroughly indoctrinated in it. I'm commited to giving Ken's method everything I've got and am working hard to learn everything I can about it and how it applies to my voice.

I've been a songwriter since I was 12. I produce and write tracks in a fairly wide range of music from straight up radio pop to blues to Postal Service electronic to old country to R&B. My goal for singing is to be able to demo my more commercial viable songs while keeping the more personal and "artsy" songs to release perform myself. Some of the current artists who inspire me the most vocally are Ryan Tedder, John Mayer, Zach Williams, Frank Ocean, and Allen Stone. I have a thick voice that currently goes from a G2 to an E5.

That's all I can think to include for now. Have a great day!


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    It's great to have you here where you can grow your voice.  It takes a while to unlearn all of the limitations that you've been indoctrinated with in your sls training.  Many vocalists in KTVA spent time and money in other methods, including sls, only to find that they were not attaining the results they wanted.

    The results come here, but they do require time and effort. That's because the results are real and you have to rebuild your musculature, your support. Your range and tone will transform as a result.

    AS you have already seen, leaving all of that previous training at the door will be one of the most challenging things for you to remind yourself.  I found myself glossing past some of the very basic building blocks when I first started, and I had to go back and rebuild my foundation.

    You will be happy with your results from KTVA.

    Glad you're here! Welcome!


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    littletaeklittletaek Enrolled, 2.0 PRO Posts: 6
    HI, Kyle. I tried Bret's SS and Seth Rigg's SLS for a couple of years but I didn't make much progress. I found KTVA in September and started practising for about a month or so but I got sick and so busy with my college and work, I didn't keep practising. I got back to KTVA vol. 2 and moved onto vol. 3, now I feel sooo much improvement even though I took a break. I didn't forget open throat sensation and all other stuff Ken teaches and i was able to move forward.

    my old post on Brett and SLS might interest you.. 

    If you just follow what Ken says, you will be just fine. Old SLS habit will go away!

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    DavidGDavidG Pro Posts: 65
    littletaek  highmtn,

    loud and clear!
    it's all very well being able to make dolphin squeaks (or spending one's life pursuing such absurd and nonsensical "singing" goals) 
    but thankfully -  it will NEVER take the place of music!

    the proof is indeed in the singing!

    Ken rocks :)
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    kamikazekamikaze 2.0 PRO Posts: 193
    Hey Kyle!

    I'm glad to hear of your interest in KTVA, and I can't agree more with all these people more! I did a bit of the Seth Riggs Singers Advantage program before coming to KTVA, and it was mainly just singing a song and taking down notes about your voice:0

    But its awesome that you're here! I wish you the best of luck and would also love to hear your songs if you ever get the chance!

    Remember that Ken says to leave everything at the door, which is tough, but once you can learn to focus on the technique, you will definitely see some awesome progress.

    Good luck!

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    kylesmcallisterkylesmcallister Volume 1 Posts: 1
    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Ken's program and will keep everyone updated on my progress.
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    littletaeklittletaek Enrolled, 2.0 PRO Posts: 6
    things started to make sense as I moved onto Vol. 2 and vol.3.

    in Vol. 1 I didn't fully understand why we were doing the open throat-yawning thing or vowel mod etc..
    in Vol. 2 and 3, i started to feel the resonance physically and now i'm beginning to understand that ken's advanced techniques should be build on the solid foundation we did in vol.1..

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Yes, @littletaek,

    We really need to take everything Ken shows us on faith that there is a reason, even if it seems silly or doesn't make sense.  All the things he shows us about the AH vowel, about modifications, about the bright tone, the belly breath, posture, moving targets, etc.

    He is showing us how to build a solid foundation.  He knows where he is taking us.

    It all comes together when we start to get it all right.


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    One question from your initial post.

    I'm not familiar with the term Postal Service electronic music.  Please bring me up to speed on that.



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    Oh, I just found Postal Service on YouTube.  Sounds a lot like a group I was in back in 1979.

    They sound good.



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    Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446
    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your posts.

    I welcome your posting video and audio samples of your journey so I can take a look/listen and give you direction.

    Trust me, you guys are not alone in this labyrinth of teaching that is out there. (and it's far from just SLS).

    Here are some things you might find interesting.

    Early on in my singing journey I spent 10's of thousands of dollars with "esteemed" vocal coaches that taught me nothing. I finally ran into a couple of guys that knew what they were talking about and the most interesting thing was this. BOTH OF THEM COULD ACTUALLY SING. None of the others could. 

    The things I have learned came through ferreting out what was real and what was total useless B.S.

    I appreciate everyone's contributions here in the forums and look forward to your growth helping any way I can.
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    cgreen said:

    To the Audience:

    I've been singing for 25 years professionally.  I have always sang in the tenor range, Journey, Queensryche, Boston, etc.  So I think it's fair to say you really need to be on your game when you step on stage and give people the impression you can sing this type of material. (You can look me up on reverbnation under my name Cinema Greenberg, if you want to hear what I sounded like in 2005 when I thought I could sing).  I think I've been around enough to know how my instrument feels from doing different things.  Well, I thought I was on my game for 25 years until I came across Ken's course, what a wake up call.  It's amazing my voice lasted this long doing all the wrong things I was doing.  I have been on Volume 1 since early November and I can say with the utmost sincerity that I already have made significant gains.  I think I now know the difference between singing the right way from the wrong way.  I also can say the other stuff just doesn't work, if you want to be a rocker.  But even if you don't want to be a rocker, this course will give you the tools to sing anything, why would you settle for less.  Good singing to you all.


    @cgreen thanks for posting this, I checked out your vids and enjoyed your 80's stylings and singing.  You look like you had it all going for you, good voice, style etc...  Around somewhere between 1992-1994 the bassist I played with wanted me to go with him to NYC and go country-rock.  I wanted to stay true to the music I loved, although I like a lot of the country rock songs I've heard in the past decade.

    I like your hodgepodge of influences/likes listed on that site (the Cure and Dream Theater, what a combo ;) ).

    I don't have any videos out there (that I know about), but I uploaded some "radio friendly" versions of tunes I recorded at

    Are you going to be able to check out Mike Masse' when he plays the Mandalay Bay at the end of this month?

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