Hello from Belgium, practising for almost a year, got a DIY EP out... very low fi, very extreme.

Hello from Belgium!

I have taken this course after I fell ill after an extremely heavy accident at work which rendered me useless for over 1,5 years, even almost 2.... I had lots of reanimations and lots of revalidation to go through... my then fulltime touring band called "Lemuria" fired me due to this, I simply could not perform in the shape that I was in and they could not wait for my recovery since the band was doing so well (due to my marketing actually...but well)...

So I once I healed I started building up stamina again.... I can "sing" normaly, I have been a conservatory student, but I have been doing extreme metal vocals since I was 12, I am now 36. My body was destroyed on such matter that no way of singing was going to work, I needed to heal from inside out.

Well now, after about half a year, I got to release my first solo ep, of a band which ironically is no longer a solo thing now but a fulltime band.

Still the ep has to be released. So, if you like melodic black metal 90's style, windir vs gorgoroth, this is going to be right up your alley! And buying this very cheap ep will also help us bring you the next fully pro recorded studio album which we are working on right now :)

Personally I love music in general, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Hanson (saw them last month with live string orchestra) + the extreme black metal bands like cradle of filth, behemoth, gorgoroth, dark funeral, inquisition... you name it...

So.. .most of you 'voice for the masses" singers won't like this, extreme metal lovers might :;) please check it out!

Less than 5 usd!!

Like Old school Melodic Black metal in the vein of old gorgoroth vs windir? Chech this out!:

Direct link to Itunes(listen to samples and buy) : [https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/vullighied-ep/1457747506?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo=4](https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/vullighied-ep/1457747506?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo=4&fbclid=IwAR13KkAAVs8JV4PAzxo0ys5NmV_x4S5eqac5OXWnnAIS3o4gv6AtGt_XOCM)

Āter has released it's solo EP. There's a long history behind this but I'll spare you from it, you can read it on my page or the bandpage [Āter - melodic black metal and solo project/band by Wesley Beernaert.](https://www.facebook.com/AterMadness/?eid=ARBnIDA0OzpDGtXqdMhnl1brbF_Cmgg2ISpI73B1pBZ6nbSWhrtJCO2QcfR2BykYCx0UY_15EK3GxGpr&fref=tag)

But it's out now... Meanwhile the solo band is no solo band anymore, and we're writing top notch material, old school black metal with an emphasis in goosebump-inducing melody in 10fold.

The ep itself consists of 5 songs, written from 1996 untill a few years ago, it got lost due to a flood, some of them were recoverd and I replayed the bass and some guitar and remastered it. It's still lo-fi as the 90's would be, because we simply had no other option. This EP is written entirely by me and session guitarist Mantorok.

If you want to help us, the now fulfilled band with some very known musians (like Graaf Nevel from cultband Gotmoor) continue and deliver a full studio album with the promised attributes above, please buy this album, it's less than 5 usd and you'd help us tremendously! IF we sell 300 we can make this ep physical and make merch, if merch is made, they will sell at gigs and so we fill up our our studio "moneypot". Support your underground!

Direct link to Itunes(listen to samples and buy) :

Page with realtime updates about the platforms where the ep will be available:



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