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Leaning the breath

Hello brothers and sisters,
I wanted to discuss the concept of leaning on the breath. In becoming more connected with the breath and controlling the air flow, I'm getting in tune with a sensation of pushing down from the sternum, "leaning on the breath". I find that this relieves tension in the throat area...am I correct in striving for this feeling of pushing down and resting on the air?


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    SpiralsSpirals Member Posts: 7
    Is the regulation of airflow the same kind of sensation throughout all of genres? (Opera vs Rock)
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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
    @Spirals if it relieves tension in the throat, that's most probably a good sign. i think for you as an individual the sensation will be the same, there are different schools though, so it might vary from one individual to another. i recently read an article where different opera singers commented on support, and even among these opera singers, they were not agreeing on how support is done correctly. there was even one mention of where the support was done from the head, the head kind of "leaning down". i myself am not quite there yet with the leaning subject, so i can only vaguely imagine how this would work.
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