Hi, my name is Howie Tseng

Sorry for my English I'm Chinese lol.
My name is Howie Tseng, an 18-year-old students from Taiwan.
Since 15, I discovered myself fall in love for singing so deeply .
However, it didn't mean I sing good, my friend told me my singing is not bad but still got a long road to improve.
Then, I discovered Ken's singing program on YouTube and I really loved his way of teaching people how to sing, so I subscribed his channel.
Everytime I received his email informing that the course is on-sale , I felt pitty because my parents won't give me permission to purchase any singing course before I enter college so I can only learn singing through free tutorials.
Fortunately, I've learned so much useful tips from those videos.My range and tone indeed improved.
My voice still caused lots of tension when going up notes above C5, It went hoarse at the end and I didn't feel good after that, can someone help me?

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    Hi @howietseng 你好!欢迎! (greetings! Welcome!) I am from Australia, and grew up in Singapore. I have been to 高雄 GaoXiong....Beautiful place, beautiful people!

    If you want to make a video of your singing to demonstrate what you are saying, I am sure many of us will give you some good suggestion.

    @doc_ramadani suggested 2 possibilities. But it may be that there are some other issues involved. C5 is a very high note, and not many songs require C5 or above, especially Chinese songs Male keys. So to start with, I would ask why you are going up to C5. And then I would also look at how you produce your sound - is it produced with an open throat? And do you keep that same open throat as you go higher? And if you are singing Ee or Ooh vowels, how do you approach them when it is a high note? There are many things that can go wrong...

    Yeah I know that most Chinese song don't require that high range. But I loved to sing rock n roll and R&B songs which require lots of range .I wish I could have a range like Miljenko Matijević , I want to be a power-metal singer in the future..
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