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Am I hitting the A4 in Chest Voice?

This is probably the cleanest A4 I have hit since I started learning how to sing. I want it in chest voice and think it was but am not sure. Also the part after the A4 "Just Begun" is a little shaky b/c, in the version I am singing along to, Freddie hits an A#4 (or at least I think he does.) Other than that, I think this diaphragm support practice and scale practice seems to be really doing some magic on my voice.


  • blondiewalesblondiewales Posts: 340Pro
    edited April 17
    I actually think you had it for a couple of milliseconds, then you tensed up and the rest of the recording was a tad creaky and pitchy. You'll get it soon I'm sure. Glad to hear you're making lots of progress.
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