3 Weeks in!

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Hi. This is Bill. I finally purchased the 2.0 version with the ProPacks. I have been practicing for 3 weeks almost everyday. I already see the changes the course has made. I am 58 years old going on 59 in a month. One thing I have realized in my life is that you are never too old start new things. I've been more of a musician most of my life, (my wife won't let me quit my day job). I never really thought of myself as a vocalist even though I've wanted to sing like the greats: Steve Perry, Sammy, Brad Delp, Bocelli, etc. I have bought a couple of other vocalist programs in the past but I am so glad I joined Ken Tamplin's program.

I've considered myself a baritone but have always wanted to sing the high tenor voicing. C4 being middle C on the piano, my low note is C3 and my high note is Eb6 with falsetto. The Eb6 is straining and I sound like a stuck pig. But the good news is that when I started 3 weeks ago, I could only hit C6. My intermediate goal is to be able to hit the high note that Steven Tyler sings on "Dream On." I definitely recommend getting the ProPacks if not just for the Rock and Pop songs that Ken has done. These are karaoke songs with track/voice, track/no voice, and voice alone. You will surely find many songs that you will like and can practice too.
I've downloaded the vocal exercises for Vol 1 and Vol 2 on to my phone and practice to and from work. You have to make time to do the exercises when and wherever you can. The car is a great place for me as long as I sit properly and don't get too distracted while driving. I'm really excited that my potential singing has promise since Ken Tamplin is also a baritone.
PS. I hope I have the octaves correctly defined above. I currently have a 3+ octave range. I plan to eventually sing each note in a musically pleasant way and not to sound like fingernails on a chalk board.
Cheers, Bill.


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    Hi Bill, @Fitz

    I am Marco, 48 years old and from Germany. I started the course 9 months ago. I send you a warm Welcome. The course was my birthday present for myself on my 48th birthday. And you are right, you are never too old to start new things. Like you a was a musician for most of my life.

    Bill, Eb6 is a serious range for a male. You seem to have a good starting point. Steven's high notes on "Dream on" are a toggle between G#6 and F#6 as I remember. If you work the course correctly you will be able to reach this. And it won't take too long, believe me.

    I would recommend to you to come here often and be an active member of the forums. You will learn a lot from listening to other students' demos. And you can also upload you own demos in the students' area and ask for advice. This is a great place to be if you are dedicated to Singing.

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    Thanks Marco,
    I have a long way to go but I am very encouraged. I will certainly let the forum know when I hit the G#6. I think we all need the hope that with hard and dedicated vocal work, we can transform a mediocre voice into a very good voice.
    Cheers again, Bill
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    Bill, without any doubt you voice will grow massively with this course. It would be nice to meet you here often. Doc
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    @fitz welcome! you are gonna love the program even more just stick to it
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    Sorry everyone. It looks like I've got my low and high notes off by an octave. My low note is C2 and the high note is Eb5,(falsetto).

    Cheers, Bill
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