Singer/Songwriter how do I start?

Hey guys,

considering my future I have to make an decision. I am continuously doing the KTVA - Program to improve my singing. In addition, I am working on my guitar skills. Over the last years I got really into music and have been thinking about to do it professionally. I know it´s a tough business but I love music. It´s very important for me to make my own music and become a real musician not just a karaoke/cover artist. I am thinking about going to an University in Germany where I can learn more about songwriting. But the thing is, often Universities do not really help to grow. Would love to get some advices which school or program is helpfull to get in touch with other musicians with the same goal. The problem is some academies are very expensive and don´t help in many cases. The KTVA - Program is great but I want to get in touch with other musicians (Pop, R&B, Jazz, Country). The KTVA - Program is perfect for me to prepare for auditions and my singing progress got noticeably better since last year when I started KTVA.

Thanks for your help and looking forward to receiving some great advices.

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    Hi, Simonn.

    I am not in Germany, but perhaps @doc_ramadani or @Klaus_T will be able to give specific advice for learning songwriting there.

    You may be interested in taking the Berklee College of Music songwriting course taught by Pat Pattison. It is online, free, and an excellent course. I took it myself a few years ago, along with the free musicianship and guitar courses from Berklee. Here is info about it at Pat’s site.

    There are forums that let you connect with others and all the assignments are peer reviewed. I checked and it says you can start week one today, so your timing is right for it.

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    that's a very tough question. as you said, it is a hard business, and lots of people would like to get in. I looked into a lot of free stuff (also Berklee, they have some free documents), and read a pile of books about song writing. I am writing in English most of the time, but would like to write in German a bit more too. German is a very hard language to write in (for me). also, the German market is very small. that's not to say you cannot make it, but I would not suggest banking on it. I am working in different fields as a freelancer, and keep the music free from financial pressure. I spend A LOT of time with music. I'd love to make it into a career, but I am realistic enough to know that it is not very likely (I am just not a natural talent in any musical field, and even baby steps are hard work for me, you might have a different starting point). would be great to hear some of your work if possible.

    my experience for any sort of business: get connected with people who are doing what you want to do, and don't listen to any discouraging comments. they are not helpful for your growth. if you make up your mind and decide you want to do it, run with it.

    having said that, if you want to try some sort of collab, you can definitely find some people here :)

  • simonnsimonn Pro Posts: 16
    Thanks for your help,

    just signed in the Berklee College songwriting course. It´s great to have that singers forum and likeminded people. I will upload some own songs but most of them are not finished yet :smile:
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    Cool! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,355
    @simonn did you register for that Coursera course? or which one? I think I'll give it a shot myself :)
  • simonnsimonn Pro Posts: 16
    Here is the link: https://welcome.online.berklee.edu/berklee-music-general.html
    Hope you enjoy!
    Thanks, I let you know.
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