Hi, I’m Brian

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I am so very excited to begin my journey to take my singing to the next level. Singing is something I’ve been doing recreationally for at least my whole life and has always been so fun to do, and my love for it only grows stronger as I continue. About 4 months ago I started lessons with my other teacher Lily but I felt that once a week was not enough for where I wanted to be. She is a great teacher and a very good singer also, and she has expanded my range to notes I couldn’t believe I hit. Although I can’t sustain them I can touch them which only motivates me to grow my voice. I have a concert in June that I’m very nervous for but I’m confident with KTVA and my teacher both at my side now. As someone who thought they would never sing in front of their friends I can tell you leaps and bounds have been made. My ex told me I couldn’t sing and I dated her for 5 years. Not only did that break my heart but I lost my want for singing and developed a really bad negative experience from it that I’m still recovering from. But now over 30 of my friends have told me I have a good voice and that I can indeed sing and I impress my friends and I try to sing for them anytime I can. And when I tell them that story, they can’t imagine why she would say that. It taught me the value of training your voice and the training of your mentality is also important because you’ll always have people like that who want to break you down. My favorite singer is The Weeknd and he is one of my biggest inspirations next to people like Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson being a few. I want to make music and become a professional singer one day. I’m in the process of training and I’ve come so far from where I started and I know KTVA will bring me to the next level. Singing is truly my greatest joy, and I’m more than happy to be apart of this community now.


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