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What are the best Ken Tamplin free videos to increase vocal range?

My vocal range is G2-F4. I'm almost a month stuck on this. I Can't sing an F#4 or a G4 with quality.


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    VictorPatoVictorPato 2.0 PRO Posts: 78
    You want to improve your range ? Great!
    2 things though:
    One range isn’t everything. It’s impressive it feels cool. But half the battle is your tone, resonance, openness, energy, emotion, power: actual singing. Even your style ( vibrato, Riffs, slides...).
    Two, I recommend this course. I am currently having some trouble committing to always doing all the workouts but they’re really amazing. In five months, I’ve discovered my head voice, learned bridging to it, learned a whole lot of terminology and am able to hit an A#4/B4 pretty consistently.

    If you do want FREE videos. I recommend ( on YouTube ) the KTVA free warmup or the series on increasing vocal range for males, or just any of his videos they’re all helpful.

    The best videos though are the ones on the course.

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