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Still need a lot of work (especially in the rifts) , but I feel like I am improving every day!




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    ONIC you are pushing a lot of air. Proper support will help with this. With the added bonus of extending the amount of time you can practice.

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    Thanks so much!
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    Here is an update. I'm still seem to be straining on the "Me"'s, but I feel like this is an improvement. That and I was able to sing a lot more.


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    ONIC change doesn't happen overnight. It takes time.

    I once saw a guy in a store I was at that was really built. I was curious because I was never a weight lifting type, so I walked up to him and I asked him "Hey dude how long did it take you to get that physique?". His answer ... NINE years. He was very proud of what he had done, and I was utterly dumbfounded. When I talk to singers that sound good, inevitably they tell me that they have been singing solidly for at least five years.

    When you ask how you sound all I can say is you sound like you did six days ago. There is no magic fix for this, there is no quick tip, and the absolute worst part is that you can't even just work hard to get better. Working hard is only ONE piece of the equation. You could practice and practice day in and day out and if you have a flaw somewhere in your practice you are just driving into muscle memory that flaw. This does happen, even to the most careful among us. We must be very mindful when we practice so as to find flaws and correct them, and there will ALWAYS be some flaw that we can't see that we have had for a long time that will hold us back. Oh boy, when we find those kinds of flaws the REAL work begins.

    Get into a good practice routine, stay consistent in that routine, be mindful during that routine and forget about where you think you are going and where you think you should be. One day you will wake up and you will be "good", without ever having to try to be that way.
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    @HuduVudu I wasn't asking how I sounded, I was just updating. I know, for the most part, I sound the the same as I did 6 days ago and I know this is not an overnight thing. That is why I practice at least 3-5 hours everyday. 2 months ago, I could not sing higher than a B4 in chest voice and could barely sing in falsetto. So my rigorous practice regime has really helped me improve b/c 2 months after I started really taking singing seriously, I am now hitting G#4 every time I try and can hit an A4 in chest voice on a good day. I can also now sing up to a B5 in falsetto. Every time I sing, I record myself and listen to myself to see what I need to work on. I just felt like these past few days I have been able to sing the song with a lot less strain, so I thought I would update for myself and for anyone else who wanted to hear. I had no intention of being a bother to you.
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    ONIC you are not a bother, and that wasn't my intent.

    I thought that you wanted feedback, so I was providing that. I did not know that you were documenting your journey. We have many people that document their singing journeys here but they usually use language in their post heading that makes clear that intent. Then if they have questions they ask it explicitly in their journey post or if they want to do it outside of their journey post they make a new post. Maybe you could re-purpose this post by changing the heading or maybe create a separate post that you use to document your journey.

    ONIC it is good you are making progress and with KTVA you are going to make progress. Especially if you are consistently practicing. Do remember though there is much work to be done to translate your practice into songs. You may see great strides in your range and in your pitch, in your well regulated practice, but in the wilds of singing those gains might not come as fast. One other thing to note is if and when you do ask for evaluation, it is best to provide the problem in the form of practices/scales so that the problem can be isolated down without all of the various mitigating factors that come with singing.

    All and all keep on singing :)
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    Ok thanks for the advice and sorry for any confusion I created. I will make the post more clear that I am documenting my journey. That being said, I always welcome criticism. You can't improve without it.
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    I'm so glad you are sharing your journey with us. If you get stuck and need help. Just ask. :)
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