Hello Everyone!

Hi Guys, 

I'm Adam, from sunny England. I've been singing in bands on and off for about 10 years. I have mainly been a guitarist though so at the grand old age of 30, I've decided to finally put some work in to my voice. I found Ken on youtube like most and was impressed with his teaching style. 

I don't understand much about the theory of singing, terminology and whatnot and I have probably abused my voice for quite a while. I've got a big range naturally but don't understand the why's or how's of it and my biggest flaw is connecting what I perceive to be my different registers (sorry for my ignorance). 

I came on here to get some tips and tricks from you awesome guys and gals and to find out whether ken's course is right for me. 

Cheers, and looking forward to speaking with and singing for everyone! 


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    Ken's program is not for those who want instant results without working to get where you are going.  That's because it is the real thing, not some bogus scheme to take your money and feed you the secrets of the stars. For real results, you need the real methods and you have to put in real time and effort.

    If you are willing to commit to exercises and techniques that will grow your voice and make your audience and your bandmates take notice, then this it the real stuff that rock and roll singing is made from.  This method applies to R and B, Country, and many other styles as well, but is hands-down the Real McCoy for Belting and Wailing!

    Ken has put 30 years of work and research into his singing method.  If you like the way Ken's demos sound, you have come to the right place to learn the methods he uses.  Ken's course stands alone, head and shoulders above all the rest.

    Ken's courses show you the methods and take you through the steps to build your voice into a monster.


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