Greetings, Everybody!

Hey, all. My name is Josh, and I stumbled across this website thanks to some videos of Ken's I saw on YouTube. I've always loved singing, even though I would never consider myself a professional at all. I was in my junior-high school choir as a teenager, but that was almost 25 years ago...and being a baritone really sucks when so many of your fave songs are in the tenor range. I remember that my class did have to memorize all the songs from "Aladdin" and "Beauty and the Beast", which was challenging but fun at the same time. To this day, I know all the words to every song in those movies by heart, so there's no impairing my memory. Some of my fave musicians include Rascal Flatts, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Michael Jackson, Skillet, and the Backstreet Boys.

Aside from singing, I'm a Photoshop junkie, having learned the basics in college and taught myself a lot of other stuff with it since 2003. I'm glad to be here, so thanks for having me; I appreciate it. God Bless! =)


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