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Help On A Song!

Hey guys,

I have this question which has been bothering me for the best part of a year!

Does anyone have any advice on how to do the second "Ooh!" of Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer without cracking?
I've started to use a kind of "wah-ah" sound but still its tough.

If any awesome student or the amazing Ken has any advice I'd really appreciate it.

Best wishes



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    BenHurrenBenHurren Member Posts: 2
    Blondiewales, you might be right. And yes it is the that part.

    I have tried lightening the 1st "woah" (which costs me most my top range!) so the bigger one is a little more in key and less crackly.
    Trying to change the way i approach is a very interesting thought though. 🤔

    Thanks a lot for the advice! I'll give it a go.

    Kind regards.
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