Man In The Box (Cover)

Hello everyone!
I'm new here. 22 years old from Latvia, been singing (or trying to) since 2015, surprised I didn't get nodules that year because I did everything I probably shouldn't have because I had no voice (oh, I have a handful recordings from then and you better not hear them to avoid having your ears explode) and thought there's nothing to lose :) Skipped most of the 2016 and 2017 because I thought it was pointless. Picked up again last year and went fairly consistently at it. My practice (and training at the same time) is usually about 20 minutes of singalong in a car driving home, I do sing a lot of Elton John and have taken quite a bit of inspiration from there. Queen is my favourite band of all time but not quite there to do their songs justice. As for singing, I have never really done exercises because I find it too boring. I realise it's a bad thing to say but hey, at least I'm being honest. I do know some do's and don'ts as far as technique but overall it's an intuitive thing for me, I may have no particular technique that I know of, as far as I'm concerned. My training consists of imitation, recording and evaluating.
Anyway, this year is the first year I am feeling fairly good about where I am and where I am going, pitch is getting much more consistent and slowly gaining brightness in sound. That being said, still feeling as though at the bottom of the Dunning–Kruger graph. Long ways to go yet.
Here's a cover of Man In The Box I did a couple months ago. It's not one take, parts taken from a few takes (comped). I experimented with darker sound in the verses, not my usual approach to singing but I thought it fits the song.
I can do the gritty sound you hear in the choruses but it feels slightly like squeezing. Not like Ken when he opens his mouth and it just roars of wide succulent distortion :) I also can't really distort the middle range just yet.


  • DiegoDiego Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,154
    You have a really nice tone that really suits this kind of music lol!
    I think you might be closing on the vowel too much, which might be what is making that rasp happen. I don't think that is safe distortion and might hurt your voice. I might be wrong. @Gaston_Jauregui .

  • Gaston_JaureguiGaston_Jauregui Moderator, Enrolled, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,004
    @ChiefMouse you have a very good voice, great tone!, the distortion has to be worked little by little in order to not squeze, try not to send it to the front of the chords, maybe a little back, its ok if you cant distort more, dont rush on it, and make sure you are maintaining your throat opened and good support, Ken walks you through this in the KTVA program so you dont get hurt in the process, but again you shouldnt feel squeezed when you distort

    hope i was of help :)
  • ChiefMouseChiefMouse Member Posts: 5
    edited May 2019
    Thanks for kind comments! Yeah, it feels better and easier as time goes on. And what I did definitely didn't hurt, I can do it a bunch of times. It just feels like the sound is a bit less full if you know what I mean, so might have forced it a little. But I think I'm on the right track. Cheers!

    P.S. I wonder if you can hear what vocal type I am? I can't go very low if we don't count fry (A2 is the comfortable lowest
    note) and I don't really have problems with high notes. So perhaps a tenor? I don't really need to know in order to put a box on myself, my mindset is actually the opposite but it would help understand myself better.
  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    If you can figure out where your primo and segundo passagi are, then that is the most reliable way of determining your vocal fach.
  • Claude77Claude77 Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 213
    Nice timber and great interpretation!
    Awesome job
  • Chris82Chris82 2.0 PRO Posts: 594
    Good job! Sounds fantastic!
  • samw2019samw2019 2.0 PRO Posts: 285
    Nice and the chorus sounded awesome!
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