Hello (singing) world

jim_fowlerjim_fowler 2.0 PRO Posts: 3
Hi everyone,

I'm Jim, I live in Maidenhead in the UK. I've played guitar since I was at school and as the years went by I started to sing backing with people I was accompanying on acoustic covers, stuff like that. Then I started singing my own covers, then writing songs. All of this just as a hobby. I'm an engineer by profession.

I started the course with no definite goals, I just love to sing and make music and I want to do it better. I've just started singing with a group, it's not really a band, it's like a night class. We learn a bunch of covers and at the end of each term do a gig with similar class groups from different towns. It's going well but I'm struggling with Bryan Adams at the moment, I'll post a question about that later.

I'm a couple of weeks into Ken's course and feel like it's going well, but I'll need to post a clip for some feedback on whether I understand the support mechanism before I move on from the starter workouts.

Really excited to see where this course takes my singing.



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