Old Love cover from mr. Clapton

Hi guys I promise I will be silent and I won't bother for a while after this demo :)

Here you have a song which I love and wanted to give it a try.
Please feel free to comment and critics I am here for learning and improve.


I want to share with you something happened just yesterday:
I sing in a choir and sometimes while we are rehearsing people come over to listen and decide if they can join the choir.
After our first song a girl came over to me and said: you have a beautiful voice!
At the beginning I was like: Ok please don't joke at me, I know I am kind of bad but she insisted again: no, I mean it you have a really beautiful voice. Do you study singing?
I said yes and she again: I can hear the difference and that you are committed to singing.

I came home like the happiest guy in the world since the felling of my voice has always been like "oh my good I sound bad"

THANKS TO KTVA for making a hopeless guy like me learning to sing.


  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Hi Claudio, @Claude77

    great choice. This song suits your voice very well. I love the grit you brought in in the Prechorus "MMMMakes me angry ..." - very cool. You have a very good musical feeling, Claudio. If you spend some time on the accent (oh yes, I know that problem, too) this tune would sound very professional.

    The recording was very good and you mixed it so well with the playback. Very good work. It sounds very natural.

    I think the girl is right: I can hear, too, that you are committed to MUSIC (and Singing).

    Good to have you here.

  • Claude77Claude77 Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 213
    Wow @doc_ramadani thanks a lot for this comment, It means a lot to me.

    The KTVA and the forum community is helping me so much to achieve my big dream to learn singing.

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