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My name is Michael and I've been musically inclined for most of my life. I attempted to learn piano when I was around 10, but hadn't developed the patience necessary and gave it up. When I was 13 I started playing trombone and played through the end of high school. I picked up guitar around 14 and have been playing ever since although I've never been really good. Along with the guitar I started singing in church and the band director often had us sing our parts, so I've been singing for most of my life. Within the last 5 years I started singing at karaoke shows and along with Rock Band/Guitar Hero games. The last year has had me singing in front of a live band that does 80's tunes and let's someone from the audience be their lead singer.

The karaoke and bandaoke has worked kind of like a gateway drug and has me wanting to sing more (and playing guitar) leading to things like open mic nights and possibly a band. I look forward to starting the lessons after I get home and download everything. I can't wait to learn how to get more stamina and how to avoid the things I've been doing that feel like they're scratching my throat making it hard to sing after those songs.


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    Welcome to KTVA, @ct2msb !!!

    You will learn much from your studies of Ken's program.

    Please be sure to pay close attention to every word Ken says in the instructional videos, even when you think he may be saying something you already know all about.  He will be rebuilding your voice, FROM THE GROUND UP!!!

    Start out like a blank slate!  Soak up every little tidbit of information like you've never heard it before!  Do every exercise, and diligently practice, at least five days a week for at least an hour a day, and your voice will GROW LIKE CRAZY!!!

    We're looking forward to hearing more from you and helping you along if you have questions.

    Thanks for introducing yourself and letting us get to know you a little bit.

    Again, WELCOME to KTVA!!!


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