Full Time Cover Band Singer and Guitar Player

Hey guys!

My name is Rielly Morton, I am currently part of a band playing every weekend singing and playing, which I couldn't be more stoked about. Guitar has always been my primary instrument but while I was studying jazz guitar the head vocal instructor on the faculty heard me singing in the hall one day and encouraged me to explore voice more. Since then, that was around three years ago, I have been playing in bands doing a lot of back-ups/harmonies while playing guitar, and have even transitioned to singing a few songs lead in the band!

I'm from Jacksonville, NC and no I'm not military just born and raised! I hope to make the most out of my time in here by discussing my experience working through the concepts Ken has laid out in his course. I'll try to help when I can but to be honest I'm still figuring a lot of this stuff out. The course has confirmed a lot of what I have felt singing before without much training but is giving me more clarity than ever on how to grow the sounds that I am looking for. I just recorded a single with an awesome group of guys in Greensboro, NC in the alt-pop vein (think FOB, Panic!) and I'm very interested in developing my mixed voice because a lot of what those guys sing I have to hit really hard when they seem to be very relaxed through their whole range.

I thought it was hilarious to hear Ken say that he is an AAA-type personality, I soooo resonate with that. It's constantly a work in progress. I'd love to hear who else here is creating in the alt-pop scene.



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