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Struggling vocally! Could really use some help/advice!

aaronwilson121aaronwilson121 2.0 PRO Posts: 11
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Hi, I am in a touring theatre show where I play Don Everly of The Everly Brothers. I have to sing for roughly 2 hours, 5-6 nights a week. Recently, I have been really struggling with my voice! I'm finding that songs I used to be able to sing easily are now becoming difficult, and songs that where high for me before and now near impossible! I'm currently taking a little time out just to rest my voice but I think my technique needs some work and would really love some advice! It almost feels like there's a barrier and I just cant get up to some of these notes! I also seem to be experiencing voice breaks while singing which I never had before!

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    aaronwilson121aaronwilson121 2.0 PRO Posts: 11
    Yeah I know, it's really hard! It's my full time job unfortunately. I did it on tour last year for 3 months and was fine but can;'t seem to do it this year! I have been doing some lengthy vocal warmups but I really think my technique needs to improve
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