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singing with low headvoice? Kens recent Geoff Tate reaction Vid.

hey guys and gals, so recently watched kens vid on geoff tate singing queen of the ryche.

geoff is one of my all time fav singers hands down !!

Anyway in his reaction vid, ken mentions in the vid about geoffs harmful technique of using head voice. And Ken also mentions a bit about how head voice can be" harmful" to range in the head voice section of the course..

ken talks about how if you used headvoice down low alot or bridge to early it can e detrimental to your vocal health and range over time.

It is hard for me to hear what ken was saying about geoff tates singing, and i have a hard time hearing the difference of geoffs approch compared to other singers like him.. i mean to me geoff sounds great and is singing god.. <3<3 so trying to learn here.

I asked a question on the youtube with no reply but i am also gonna ask it here cuz, i'd really like some clarification. Please bare in mind i haven't watched kens mixed voice section yet, so maybe that will clear things for me? but i'd like a better understanding of what this is and how it works so i know what NOT to do or what to avoid if possible.

I guess, i am wondering these things.

1. is it just as bad for females to do this? i mean we are taught to sing mostly in headvoice as sopranos classically.. and most females use head voice sound primarily. coming from a classical background, this is naturally confusing for me!

2. where should females start to transition into headvoice, on average, i know everyone is different but what is a good safe starting point we should aim to start mixing in head at? looking for rule of thumb,or just an average.

3. Are there any comparison videos of people ( ken or other wise) singing/ belting in both " styles" . it would be super helpful to me to here some one doing in the " wrong way" (headvoice) and the " right way" so i can compare how it sounds and try to avoid this when i am belting or mixing my voice in a song. Ideally i'd love to hear a sample of how a male and female sound when singing in the different ways. to compare.

if there are no vids available, maybe this is something one of your out there could share who have a better grasp on this concept.

It is also confusing as i think ken said in his nightwish ,floor jansen vocal reaction video that floor was using more of a head voiced belt in her c5-f5 range, on ghost love score, and he seemed ok with that? was this just because floor is a woman? or is it Ok in that range because 2nd passagio to head voice is in that area? maybe that is the area we should be aiming at for a transition into head.
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