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Hi guys,
I've been doing this course for some time now, and I never came on this to introduce myself, but I feel now I should be part of the forum so that I can start getting advice and communicating with others in the same level and even mention some issues I face when thinking about singing in public. I started at a young age, and it eventually grew into something serious, when I got serious with it, I started closing myself off from singing in front of others. My friends and Family say I am great, but I am a perfectionist, I don't think I'm good enough yet, and I don't think I'll ever believe I can be, I dislike my voice tone, but I feel I'm just not hearing what others here because I've lived with my voice my whole life.

Has anyone dealt with this issue?
Am I too hard on myself?

Thank you for any answers, and I'm glad to be part of the forum.

apologies on the rant


  • Hello, and welcome! :) It's good to have you here.

    Not liking our own abilities is very common when we're learning something. We know enough to compare ourselves to our goal, and we know that we're not there yet. It's completely normal to feel like that. That feeling will lessen as you continue to practice and improve, and you observe your own improvement. Until then, you must simply accept that you feel that way for now, but continue regardless, knowing that this is a passing thing, and your work will pay off in time.

    Your family and friends are also correct that your voice is great. :) Singing is communicating a message to someone, and they are receiving yours loud and clear, and enjoying it. Allow them that and accept the fact that you are connecting with people. It is separate from technique, although technique will add to it.
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    @AaronChristie Welcome! Glad to have you here!

    I'm Chris from Denver, CO and I've totally been there done that for God, like 30 years. I've started to realize, I'm probably never going to be as perfect as I want to be. You know what sucks? Once you do reach your goals you just set newer and higher ones so you never do get there. At some point you just have to build confidence in yourself and say "I may not be Chris Cornell but I know I don't sound bad and people enjoy hearing my singing".

    So really I think the goal of any singer should be to get to the point where their singing is enjoyable to listen to and from that point on you're just adding icing on the cake. If you're at the point where you're adding icing well then get yourself out there and start singing for more people!

    As a fellow perfectionist I know it can be hard to accept that you don't have to be perfect to be enjoyable and entertaining to others.
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    I Know I should take feedback more serious, I face challenges such as adapting the American or English accent in my singing because of my Glaswegian accent, but I know my tone will brighten and my vocal licks will get faster. I need to put a cover on this forum so people can hear, my pal borrowed my Mic stand and he stays a good treck away from me so I can't do it today but.

    I appreciate your feedback Sophia, its a big lift off my shoulders.

    Thank you, and I'm glad to be part of this.
  • AaronChristieAaronChristie 2.0 PRO Posts: 62
    Thank you,Chris, I can imagine myself doing the same thing as well, I guess its the drive will only keep me going on. It seems like a curse, but if it keeps us learning, then it's a good one to have.
  • If you have some specific worries to do with your accent, perhaps @Vocality can share his experience. He is a fellow Scot. :)
  • AaronChristieAaronChristie 2.0 PRO Posts: 62
    That would be amazing tbh, and I'm glad I came on this, I should have done this last year.
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    Hi @AaronChristie

    Welcome to the forum it’s great to have a fellow Scot join here, that’s great, I am 45 years old been doing the course for 8 months now and enjoyed the progress I have made, prior to doing the course I’ve been playing the keyboard and karaoke for a good number of years. Knew had potential at singing and needed professional training.

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    Welcome @AaronChristie! I'm so happy you're working at letting go of that perfectionist limitation. In my experience, not only is it a huge relief to let it go, but progress happens much faster once the tension relaxes and you have your full attention on improving rather than it being wrapped up in self-consciousness. You've come to the right place!
  • AaronChristieAaronChristie 2.0 PRO Posts: 62
    I would love to get into playing the keyboard and singing. Do you have any tips on an accent when singing? I don't know whether to steer towards the English or American accent. @Vocality

    Thank you @sagemacg I've always found it difficult to let go of certain things and to appreciate my creations whether its singing or my college work. I admit it will be challenging to change my perfectionist mindset but I've been doing Volume 1 and volume 2 workouts back to back each day. I do lip rolls when I'm walking about because I feel I miss out training time, but I am keeping to it. I honestly appreciate everything said here, I must admit being released from the mindset would be amazing and I hope that day comes.
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    @AaronChristie accents recon can be controlled as you progress, as your voice strengthens you should be able to adjust. I have been told I use an American accent in a lot of my songs however now can control that a bit more now. Maybe a demo might clarify a few issues remember doesn’t have to be perfect and strive for improvement in terms of pitch and tone.

    With regards to choosing accent that depends of what style of music you like to sing, your artist influences, you will find your voice in time don’t worry too much about accents.

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    Hi, @AaronChristie

    Hello from Florida. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here.

    As Ken says, "It takes guts to sing." I think in our own way we all are too hard on ourselves, and we all deal with not liking the sound of our voice, partly because we hear ourselves differently than other do. Monitoring through headphones helps a bit, but for me, I found recording and listening back helped me to get a better idea of how I really sound. It also helps me to have some time between recording and listening. Sometimes I find I sound better than I thought I did, and sometimes not so much, but it helps me a lot to have that little bit of distance from the recording in order to be more objective.

    There is a ton of information in the forums, so take a look around and you will learn a lot.

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    Hi Aaron, @AaronChristie

    a warm Welcome also from Germany.

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    I agree with @Mysti the more I record my self the more I get used to how I sound to others and able to start critiquing my self objectively.
  • AaronChristieAaronChristie 2.0 PRO Posts: 62
    Thank you, Great to be here @doc_ramadani, and I need to do the same @Wigs my negative thinking is something that won't do me any good, Great advice to keep in mind.

    Thank you

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