Hey everyone! I just entered the Ken Tamplin program yesterday and just set up my account on here. I noticed that a lot of people were posting audio files of where they are at in their singing and things like that. So, I thought it would be best if I too posted where I am at. I started trying to sing in 2009 when some friends asked me to join their band but in the summer of 2010 the band broke up and went it's separate ways for college so I quit singing all together. A few months ago my old guitarist met up with me and asked me to sing for him in his music project so I thought "Why not?" I have never been trained I just tried to teach myself as I went then I saw videos of this on Youtube and we thought it would be worth a shot. I think if I better my voice then I can broaden my writing. So here are some samples :)

This is an acoustic performance of our song All I Wanted. I attempt to get into a higher range....but as you can tell it just doesn't work out for me :/

This is a cover I did on my youtube channel...It's just ok though

This is the latest from me. We just recorded it the other night and we aren't going to leave it up very long. I think my partner is going to take it down within 24-28 hours. It's suppose to be a sneak peak for our listeners. So I hope you get the chance to listen to it before he takes it down.


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