Does anyone know if there is a follow up on Ken's songwriting video?

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    TdelcantoTdelcanto 2.0 PRO Posts: 25
    Does anyone know if there is a follow on video to the link below? It’s a KT video from a couple of years ago. In the video, he says he is going to do another video to follow this one but I cannot find it online.

    "How To Write A Song"
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    doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    Hi @Tdelcanto,

    I am not sure if there is a follow-up video on this one. But if you are interested in Songwriting and a "secret formula" that is behind it I could recommend a book to you:

    The Addiction Formula: A Holistic Approach to Writing Captivating, Memorable Hit Songs. by Friedemann Findeisen

    Worth every penny - to my opinion.

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