Hello! Greetings from Brazil. Would you listen to me? Thank you!

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My name is Naton. It is a weird name here in Brazil too, never met anyone with this name. To sing professionaly is my long time dream. A dream I never had the courage to follow. Never found good singing lessons on the towns I lived in, so I always tried to learn by myself. I want to get Ken's course. The price is kinda high for the standards of my country, but looks like the proof is on the singing, and that is priceless.

I have made a recording of myself, and would be really grateful and happy in receiving critiques and opinions about it. My style is self taught, and please forgive my english.

As soon as possible I will get the course. Thank you all.


  • VocalityVocality 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,602
    Welcome @naton welcome to the course I am from Scotland and I am 45 been doing the course for 8 months now, have grown my voice in many areas it’s a great value course and hope to see you on board soon.

    Had a listen to your demo you have a good starting point nice tone, the pitch is off slightly in places but sure you’ll improve greatly in time especially if you start the course. Plenty of honest help here to guide you through the learning process.

    In the mean time concentrate on Ken’s Free tutorials they will help you develop in the mean time.

  • sagemacgsagemacg 2.0 PRO Posts: 240
    Welcome @naton! You've come to right place. The course is so worthwhile - I really do encourage you to take the leap and buy it if you want to go pro.

    I hear a lot of great stuff going on in your voice. I'm too new to have a good ear yet for catching nuances and giving a lot of feedback, but you're off to an awesome start. One thing you'll notice around here, especially in the student-only areas of the forum, is that we have specific exercises we record to get feedback. With a song like yours, there's so much going on stylistically that it's hard to tell what you've added for effect and what is inherent to your voice and skill level. So that makes it harder to give a technical critique of your vocal abilities.

    That said I'm sure some of the more senior members can give you some good feedback.

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