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Hi everyone! So excited to learn singing even tho I have too much mucus...

nat2795nat2795 Posts: 462.0 PRO
edited June 15 in INTRODUCE YOURSELF
Hi! I'm Nicola from Italy! I never thought one could learn how to sing... I have been producing music for my self for years and I'm trying to make it as an artist.
Last year I realized that, as a producer, I was crazy for having a guitar in the room and not learning how to use it, and, as soon as I came across some before and after singing video on youtube I started learning how to sing right away. I came across Ken's youtube channel, then bought the course and, man, that's the best course ever... he explains everything in detail like no other.

I also love his attitude, he's like "Trust me guys... I really KNOW what I'm doing..." ahahaha, I love it! I saw what he can do on youtube, plus he's a rock guy... a perfect fit for me.

One thing tho... I’ve had catarrh my whole life, I blow my nose and spit from my throat all day, I can't stay without tissues.
This wasn't a huge concern until I started singing... now it's really annoying, I can't finish an exercise or a song without blowing my nose at least twice...
My catarrh is transparent, sometimes green. When I blow my nose it's not like it is totally full, I blow out relatively low amount of mucus, honestly I haven't even payed attention to that that much, so I'll have to do better research now. I also think my nose is always swollen inside or something like that... I always thought my voice sounded weird, like clamped or clogged all the time, I'll post a video so you can tell me maybe! and good luck to all!


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