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Hey from Maryland!

notownlikethemotownnotownlikethemotown Posts: 182.0 PRO
edited June 17 in INTRODUCE YOURSELF
Hey guys,

I'm so psyched to be a part of KTVA. I start tomorrow and have already watched the volume 1 lesson videos. If only I had known what makes a truly excellent voice teacher. I've been a music nut my whole life with my favorite music being soul/R&B/gospel. Before I ever got into singing, I took piano lessons for 5 years and, thankfully, established a good technical sense of music.

I've had two voice teachers up to the present. The first teacher I had was a snooty opera-only type who had me blasting full heavy chest voice through my passaggio and leaving my lessons with a raw and hoarse voice. I quit working with her after a year.

My second teacher was actually fairly good and authoritative given her limited knowledge. I was with her for two years and she gave me the basics of singing, but after two years, I only have just recently been able to make my falsetto a stronger head voice and could not even sing full chest voice above middle C. I was shocked to see that the majority of what I had learned from her over the course of two years Ken addresses more completely and comprehensibly in the entire Volume 1 video lessons and then some. In my time with her, I discovered that my primo passaggio is C4 and my secundo passaggio is F4. I'm not sure if I'm a true tenor or a baritenor.

So now, here I am, about to embark on a new stretch of my vocal journey. Ken's lessons, as I have experienced them so far, have reshaped my vocal thinking. Like he said, I have to leave my prior knowledge at the door and accept the new knowledge that awaits. In just the short time I have learned from him, I can now sing solidly in chest voice up to an E4 above middle C without strain--small potatoes for most, but awesome progress for me.

Thanks to the KTVA community for being a part of my journey in music!

All the best,



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