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What kind of distortion am i doing?

Above is an insta post of me singing "here without you" by 3 doors down. Ever since i started singing, i hav been singing this way and not sure what voice type am i? (Tenor or bass?)

As i dont have vocal lessons, may i know am i using full chest or chest mixed in the above video?

Thanks alot and welcome any feedbacks n answers

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    YPOngYPOng Member Posts: 7
    Hi huduvudu,

    Thanks for the feedback!
    Im not doing it intentionally, it comes when i open my throat inside.

    I did a research on my voice before and i dont get anything similar to mine. I was guessing im singing with both my false n main chord together?

    I found only a handful of singers that may come close to my type of voice
    Mayb can you help access too? (I apologise as i post chinese songs)



    And possibly nickelback?

    I need some feedbacks as i hope to unlock this puzzle of my voice. Thanks in advance
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    maximgottmermaximgottmer 2.0 PRO Posts: 313
    Hi @YPOng I know nothing About distortion but agree with huduvudu that you should first develop a normal voice with good support. Greetings Maxim
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    YPOngYPOng Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Maxim, will do with developing good support.

    But the query i had posted in response of huduvudu, i may still need some answers to better understand.

    Thanks in advance!
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    HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    YPOng your voice is unique to you. There will be no other voice like your voice. When you talk about vocal fachs these are just part of the generalized characteristics of your voice. Bass, Tenor etc ... are really rather meaningless terms because they box your voice into a narrow specification. This couldn't be further from the truth. You can build your voice and your range to whatever you want it to be. You just need to dedicate the time and the energy to doing it. I have seen multiple instances where men have built their voices so that they sound like actual women. With all of this said, it is important that you know that your voice like your body comes with certain strengths and weakness' some thing will be harder for you to do and some things easier.

    What you plan to do with your voice will dictate which things you focus on and which things that you ignore. If you don't like certain genres of music and you know that you won't sing them then some of the things that you would have to learn to do them might allow you to ignore their problems. Time is a finite resource and we must spend this resource in ways that get us to our goals.

    YPOng, I don't think that looking at your voice like a puzzle is a good way to approach singing. I think that looking at your voice as a tool that you can use to do something is a better way. You are wasting a lot of time trying to find others that have a similar type of voice as you. You will never complete this and if you come close you will find no satisfaction in it. A better way would be to start to learn the fundamentals of singing. From your performance you really need better fundamentals for your voice to really come through. As it stands now you are headed down a path that will waste a lot of your time and bring you nothing in return.

    Hope this clarifies.
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    YPOngYPOng Member Posts: 7
    Thanks huduvudu for the guidance. Not sure how many miles separate us but im really glad that i came to the right place as the comments posted here really struck a bell in me.

    I think i wasted alot time finding similar singers that match my voice to try learn.

    I will look at the fundamentals videos from ken's channel and find a vocal coach to further guide me.

    Thanks from singapore!!
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