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Short impro acoustic demo / Aint talking bout love

Hey everybody!

After trying out to get anywhere with my voice without any success I´m considering buying the course... but I´m really unsure whether I have any perspective with what I´ve got atm.
I´can´t hold any long notes, vibrato is non-existing, vocal range is very unstable...
I decided I´ll just sing a few seconds of Van Halens classic with my guitar to show you what it sounds like right now.

What kind of voice would you say I have, baritone/tenor or is it too early to tell?

Got my 300 dollars ready in case I decide to buy the course today... but still hesitating. ^^

Greetings from Berlin and may your voices never be hoarse! :-)



  • Hi @Slavicbeard! I don't know enough to be able to say whether you are a tenor or baritone, but it doesn't matter, as your singing range will grow as you practice. Did you know that you are already doing some things very well? I couldn't see any tension in your throat as you sang, your shoulders didn't rise, and you open your mouth well and show your teeth. Your tone is nice, I heard a vibrato, and your pitch is also pretty good!

    Before you get the course, you might like to look at Ken's YouTube channel and work with his practice workouts for a while. This will show you whether Ken's teaching style will suit you, and give you a good idea of what the course is like. All the issues you mentioned will be sorted out with the course, and I definitely recommend it! But there's nothing wrong with using the free videos for a while before you make this purchase. Many students on the course have done this.
  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management Posts: 3,978
    You have been again faster than me, @Sophia. I would have written something similar.

    And, @Slavicbeard, I love Van Halen. Try not to go in a too lowered laryngeal position when you go for the low notes. You should really do the free exercises from Ken and you will see you voice growing.

  • SlavicbeardSlavicbeard 2.0 PRO Posts: 34
    Thx heeps for the comments, my friends. ;-)
    Feels great to know it´s not totally hopeless, haha.

    I´ll check out the free stuff then and make my purchase decision a bit later.
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