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Equivalent of KTVA course for guitar??

natmusic27natmusic27 2.0 PRO Posts: 145
I've lost a year doing courses for singing, guitar, piano, that taught stuff in a chaotic order. Now I've been so lucky to have found a great local teacher for piano, and the absolutely killer vocal course of Ken Tamplin, but still I can't find a solution for learning guitar... The section dedicated to guitar, in Ken's course alone, told me more (and in such a smart way), than anything I've learned so far lol!
I am looking for recommendation for something as good as KTVA for guitar, I really hope there's someone who has the answer, thanks!

And, I don't mean courses that just teach you how to play few songs, but actual courses that, like Ken, teach you EVERYTHING in ORDER, so you can then be able to do anything you want to do...


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    I recommend Justin Guitar: https://www.justinguitar.com/ This is a free site (with additional songbooks available for purchase), and I have used it for many years. The course material is divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, so you can start wherever suits you. I can say from experience with it that the beginner course is excellent, and like Ken, Justin teaches techniques in a clear way and explains WHY he is saying to do things a particular way.
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    natmusic27natmusic27 2.0 PRO Posts: 145
    @Sophia wow! That site is very organized, I already did few lessons, how is that free? It really seems excellent to me, thanks for the super recommendation!
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