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Hello..recently i just watched the video from ken's youtube channel on "How to sing without tension"..in the video's content show the tutorial of how to breath correctly including huffing and puffing exercise..

But when i did the huffing and puffing exercise, i did feel the dizzy symptoms..is that right or am i doing thing wrong?


  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    If you follow Ken you are doing it right. That said you don't need to do it as quickly as he does. What you can do is breath in and then hold for a few seconds then breath out. I did this at night before I went to sleep and I would do it on a normal breathing rhythm. In the video Ken is going a little fast so that he can demonstrate correct technique you don't need to go that fast. :)
  • hollow_kurosaki88hollow_kurosaki88 Member Posts: 20
    Ikr..his abdominal muscle are super crazy..

    Anyway if im doing this and i feel dizzy, should i stop for a while and let the dizzy go away or should i just keep going?
  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    You don't need to stop just slow down. What you are doing is causing you to hyperventilate.
  • hollow_kurosaki88hollow_kurosaki88 Member Posts: 20
    Ohh wow..you really an expert one aren't you? You sure know a lot about all this stuff..

    Pardon me but may i ask you one question @HuduVudu ??
    Since when did you find KTVA program?
    And how long have you been into this "How to sing better than anyone else" program
  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    I have been doing the program continuously for a little bit over a year. I have been unable to do the program for the last two and half months due to acid reflux, and this has also seriously hindered my progress as I look back to what I have done.
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