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The vocal range of the Ealges !!

thiago3mthiago3m Member Posts: 64
So, I've been listening to all the Eagles songs and their solo jobs to make a quick resumé about their voices.
Here it is each member of the Eagles with their low notes, high notes and high falsetto notes.
Of course I didn't search in live shows, just in recorded songs.

Don Felder

Low Note: C#3 - Road To Forever* (I didn't listen to his new album, he may have sing lower than this)
High Note: A4 - Who Tonight
High Falsetto: C#5 - Winners

He is probabbly a low tenor without a good vocal range because he is not a singer.

Bernie Lendon

Low Note: E2 - On The Border
High Note: F#4 - I Wish You Peace
High Falsetto: B4 - Earlybird

He is a baritone. If you pay attention on Eagles songs, he is always doing the low harmonies or the lowest.

Timothy B. Schmit

Low Note: G#2 - Bitter Blue
High Note: C#5 - Just Call My Name
High Falsetto: F5 - Was It Just The Moonlight

He is a tenor but this low note shocked me cause' his voice is so soft.

Joe Walsh

Low Note: B2 - Book Ends
High Note: A4 - In The City
High Falsetto: D5 - Day Dream

The same as Don Felder. And the drinking and drug problems were a bad thing for his voice cause' he has a nice rough voice, a great potential to be a great Rock N' Roll singer.

Randy Meisner

Low Note: D3 - Most Of Us Are Sad
High Note: D5 - Tryin'
High Falsetto: G#5 - Take It To The Limit

He is a high tenor. He had a drinking problem too. And he sufferd a lot with his health. He could have sing higher than that but his problems with drinking, health and life was not helpful.

Glenn Frey

Low Note: F2 - Here's Too Life
High Note: D5 - True Love
High Falsetto: G5 - Heartache Tonight

Oh my god what a vocal range. I guess he is a high baritone. His low note was on his last album released in 2012. It's amazing how his high notes are powerful.

Don Henley

Low Note: G2 - Damn It Rose
High Note: D5 - Man With A Mission
High Falsetto: G5 - One Of These Nights

He is probably a tenor or a low tenor. I love his voice. The sound. I could listen to his voice my hole life. And it's curious because his speaking voice is very low.
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