30+ years away from music -- I'm back!

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Hello! I'm so psyched to be here! (Portland, Oregon)

I'm 57 and just got back into music a few months ago.

I used to play piano and sing in high school and a little bit with a band in college. I became focused on work and unfortunately some bad habits and let it all drift away except the rare karaoke.

In a month I'll have given up alcohol for a year. About 4 months I was thinking about playing piano again. So many doubts but I pushed the "buy" button and I had an 88 key Roland I was now committed to use. I relearning everything I knew and hoping to go further.

When I used to drink and sing karaoke, my voice was relaxed and I felt my singing was better. The first time I sang sober it came out like a squawk and I felt instantly uncomfortable in a way I hadn't before. I've been self-conscious about it since.

I hired a local voice coach recommended off Yelp. She gave me some exercises and an 18th century ballad I hated. After 3 lessons I felt as lost as I'd begun and began looking online.

That's where I ran into this course. The very YouTube video I found, Ken was talking about relaxing and opening the back of the throat like going to the doctor. As a physician I could totally relate to that! My voice connected with my diaphragm so much better! I felt I learned more in that video than I'd learned so far. That's when I bought the course.

So, I'm learning piano and singing at the same time. Learning songs I've wanted to play for years. I'm learning to mix/record as well on Abelton and building a modest home studio to work in. It's a fun, healthy hobby and sure beats golf!

I'm wrapping up a version of "Easy" by Lionel Ritchie and next up "China Grove". I hire musicians off Yelp for the parts and we put them together. Really fun stuff!

I'm diving into the course today. I've been listening to some of y'all the forum. Very glad to be here.


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