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What are the songs that a beginner should sing?

Hamza29BoukarouaHamza29Boukaroua Member Posts: 13
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Hi! I have never sing in my life and i wonder what songs i should start with?

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  • Hamza29BoukarouaHamza29Boukaroua Member Posts: 13
    bentk said:

    Hi! Welcome to the forum.

    Songs that are in a comfortable register for you are recommended beginner songs. However, when starting out singing, it is best to also follow instructions to learn better technique and build your voice. I highly advise you to check out all the free tutorials on Ken's youtube channel. You can discover the fundamentals of the vocal technique that is taught at KTVA there.

    If you like what you see and hear on Ken's channel, then I highly recommend you get his singing course. And if you are very serious about your singing, the complete course (volumes 1-5) will give you all that Ken can teach you. Furthermore, it will grant you access to the whole forum, which is filled with wonderful information and people.

    All the best,


    Thank you a lot ! How much the course cost?
  • bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,649
    Everything you need to know can be found here and on other pages of the website:


    If you are really serious about your voice, and want all you can get out of your voice, i recommend the course + pro packs. It gives you volumes 1-5 and full access to the forum.

    All the best,

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