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Hello Everyone,

Dropping in to introduce myself :). Im Quentin, I live in Brooklyn NY. I decided to give this a shot because Id love to improve my singing, also the vocalist in my band was looking for a great way to improve his singing as well. So we will probably doing this together in person :). Thanks in advance for all the wisdom you'll share with me.  I posted this in the meet your moderator post and realized there was an introduce yourself post lol. Sorry about that.



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    Hello again, Quentin!

    It's good to have you here.  Watch the video lessons and make sure you are doing the exercises exactly as Ken demonstrates.  Practice diligently, just like Ken shows you.

    Your voice will grow and grow!


  • quentinbquentinb Pro Posts: 27
    Thanks Bob! I know you posted this a while ago probably. I ended up being far to busy and distracted for my own good. Wasn't able to start the course until today ! But good news is I am already feeling that the info Ken is presenting is sound. :)
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    Your time-delayed response shows you have been quite busy.  But now it's time to get busy with your vocal program!

    Yes the material that Ken presents is sound.  Time for you to make some sound!


  • quentinbquentinb Pro Posts: 27
    :) I'm pushing forward without stopping this time. 
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