I'm a songwriter but new to serious singing.

So I've been writing songs on guitar for quite a while now and up until now I've wanted a real singer to sing them. Recently I've decided that I'm going to get serious and become a singer myself. I just bought Ken Tamplin's Volume 1 DVD/CD. I just finished watching and trying it out for the first time.

I've been attempting to sing for a couple of years now but haven't been serious about it. I don't have very good tone, I'm very airy, I need to learn proper breathing technique and I'll stray off pitch a bit and my throat is always a little sore after a few hours of playing.  I don't need to have the greatest voice in the world. I'd love to have the voice of Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty, or Bob Seger (in my dreams). I'm a fan of that smokey, dirty, weathered voice. I don't mind if I don't have the best range or the greatest tone, but I want to be able to do my music justice.

So, like I said, I just watched the DVD for the first time and some of it is kind of over my head. I'm planning on working on this at least five days a week. Does it get easier? Please excuse me if I ask any stupid questions, but it's a dream of mine to have a singing voice. Here's to putting the work in.


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    Great to have you hear. It will get easier as you progress. But you know what they say "the more you know the more you realize what you don't know":). You will have peaks and valleys just stay the course and you will see improvement. All the best!
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    Welcome, MondoMarcus!

    Give it all you've got, and really pay attention to what Ken tells you and shows you in the videos!

    Stay the course and you will make headway! KTVA is the direct connection to the Voice inside of you that wants to ROCK! 

    Go for it!


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    Thanks, guys. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm starting to grasp a little bit more on my second day. I do have a couple of questions, though.

    On the audio CD sometimes Ken goes a little too fast for me when he's doing the more complicated arpeggios and scales. I want to make sure I'm doing it correctly and hitting every note so would it be out of the question to play the scales on my guitar more slowly and try to sing along to it that way at first?

    Also, it feels as though my uvula is getting a small work out because of trying to keep my throat open (it's the law). Is this normal?

    You guys rock! Thanks.
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    By all means slow the scales down and play them in guitar. Add speed as you get comfortable. You're probably feeling the soft palate get a bit of a stretch . This is totally normal as you learn to open the throat up. All the best!
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    Hey @mondomarcus ! I totally relate to what you have been going through (writing songs / having others sing them). I started back in Oct and was TOTALLY overwhelmed. Yet, with consistent and patient practice at least 5x's per week, I am almost done with Vol2 and am very happy with the progress . . . So much so, that I will be re-recording songs with my voice (that's a huge step). Keep at it, focus on small steps, and you will get there. ENJOY!
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