Hey Everyone!!!!

Hi there, my name is Jack, and recently I decided to take up singing after years of thinking I was below average. I used to love singing as a kid, but it was only recently I realized that you don't need natural talent to sing. I searched the internet for introductions to singing and helpful tips for starting out, until I found Ken Tamplins videos, and found out just how brilliant his videos are. It has been about a month, and I found Ken about halfway through that time, so basically, I'm looking for help in vocal range and removing the crack between head voice and chest voice. So far, what I have seen of this forum is absolutely amazing, the support that people are getting is astounding, and I can't wait to be a part of the community!


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    Hi Jack good to be training I'm a beginner on the course and I'm working on improving my range, my tone and singing longevity with the course and I wouldn't mind doing some rock vocal acrobatics in the long run, all the best.
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    Welcome to the forums Jack! :)
    Glad to have you here.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I wish you both luck! :blush::smiley:
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    @JackW7645 Welcome! It's good to have you here and it's always nice to hear people getting excited about singing and wanting to improve. Ken is a fantastic teacher and he has a lot of free videos on his youtube page that are a great starting point for anyone. If you find his free videos useful then you might want to consider purchasing his program. Not only does it have the free stuff he putsd out but many other things to teach and his program is laid out in a very specific 1,2,3 tryp of order to help you grow the quickest, definatly some of the best money I ever spent.

    I hope your singing journey goes well and remember that this is going to take time, you will hit roadblocks and feel fustrated that you arn't making progress, but as long as you keep singing and following Ken's advice your voice will grow. Singing is exercise and you have to build up the strength in the proper singing muscles (the engine that drives your singing as Ken would say) which is also going to take time.
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    Welcome, Jack!
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    Good morning - my name is Penny and I'm 77 years old. I love to sing but only have done so in the shower until recently. Was asked to sing in choir group at church and it sparked a desire to sing again. I watched many of Ken's videos and it helped me so much that I decided to enroll in a course. Ken has gone the extra mile, so to speak, with his free videos that help so many people like me. Thank you very much and looking forward to being able to sing in front of family, friends and church members without overwhelming fear. If I can do it - anyone can do it. Here we go!!!!!
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    Hi Penny, welcome to the forums! :)
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    Welcome, Penny! Fantastic to have you here. I'm Chris @ 50. :)
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    Welcome, Penny!
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    A warm Welcome also from Germany, Doc
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