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hey guys, i wanna ask you very important thing for me. I've been having  issues with my social life since age of 15 when my voice was changing. At my schools i could not  talk louder because my voice didn't/doesn't let me. When i go louder it makes me really uncomfortable cause you know it's not my regular voice. I think i have a good tone but like i said this "low voice" is so annoying and obviously people don't like this kind of persons. You know the voice means/shows everything. 
I hope that This program is going to grow my range but i wanna know more information about it. 
like how my voice will grow? what technique is it? How long it's going to take?
currently i'm on volume 1 and i didn't see any difference about my regular low voice.
i can record myself and you will see that even when i'm singing my own voice sounds like Whispers 


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    Please post a demo of your voice so we can try to give you some answers to your questions.

    I suspect that we are going to hear more air than is healthy for your voice, but the demo is really needed if you want some meaningful help.

    This is going to take as long as it takes.  We all have different starting points, and different physical gifts or limitations.  Some are faster learners than others.  Some will practice more diligently than others. 

    There is a lot of information on the KTVA website, including testimonials from students, on what this program has done for them, and how it has grown their voices.

    The technique in KTVA is called Open Throat.  The basis of KTVA comes from the Italian Bel Canto singing method.  Besides these foundational beginnings, KTVA is a combination of a lifetime of vocal studies by Ken Tamplin, studying with many of the most famous and/or effective vocal coaches in the world.  Ken also studied with many who taught him only that they were there to take his money.  Most of these famous vocal coaches were incapable of actually singing themselves.  They only taught singing, but could not demonstrate singing.

    Ken has taken all of the vocal training he has gathered together and fused it together into a much more powerful end result.  By actually learning all of these vocal techniques and proving for himself which ones really work and which ones were ineffective, he has rolled all of the world's best vocalizing methodologies into a powerful, effective, direct route to take your voice from zero to the speed of light in the minimum time possible.

    Listen to any of the many vocal demonstrations Ken has placed on YouTube.  If you like what you hear, he will show you the methods he uses to do it.  It all starts with the basic building blocks for the voice.  You strengthen and build, strengthen and build.  If you've got what it takes to really want this badly enough to do the work that it takes to build your voice into a MONSTER, then get with it!  What are you waiting for?

    You have to do the work.  There is no "easy way" or "secret" that you just give out your credit card number and presto: "Instant Superstar Voice".  If you believe the marketing ads for vocal sites that promise that, you will ultimately be disappointed and relieved of your money. 

    Dig in and start working out!  Put up those demos and we'll give you feedback and cheer you on! 




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