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Hello from the Netherlands

ChronizeChronize Posts: 132.0 PRO
Hi everyone!

Just bought this course a week ago and figured i'd introduce myself to all of you. I've started singing roughly 3 years ago now and taken a handfull of lessons in real life. When i felt like i hit a brick wall i bought the course to actually try and move past that. I am doing volume 1 right now and already feel improvement in tiny things I had kind of 'neglected' before so I'm curious as of what to expect from all the volumes.

Have been singing in a band for almost 2.5 years now, we recorded a single after about 1 year in of singing for me (which is quite obvious when you hear it). We've taken a turn in style for the band and with that turn i wanted to put in as much work to my singing as i possibly can so that i can match the talent the other bandmembers have.

Looking forward to go on this journey with all of you!


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