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How to Save a Life Cover - Looking for Critique


I have been doing some extensive tests and if my voice sounds like it's fading out, it's the mic. It's a cheap condenser mic and it doesn't always pick up my voice. I've recorded this many times over to get the best version and this is it. In every version there are times where the mic just doesn't pick up my voice as much. This is with technical boosting as well on the computer's end. This version has had some condensing and other effects to make it clearer but that is it. Thanks for listening.


  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    Hey Jacob I listened to your song. :)

    Your mic doesn't really add or detract to the song. Mostly I think it is a red herring for you, so my suggestion is to not worry about it and assume it is fine and doing what it is supposed to be doing.

    Now, here is the meat of the tale. You have several fundamental singing problems. The two that stood out to me as being the most egregious were your ping and your open throat technique. You're having to push your voice far to hard and it sounds strained in the sample you provided. This is because you are not letting ping do the heavy lifting. Ping is what is going to allow you to produce a much bigger sound without all of the work from your vocal chords. The second thing I heard in the clip was that you are struggling pretty seriously with getting your throat open. Open throat is a pretty broad subject and getting it down takes quit a while but the upside is huge. Many of your pitches issues (and there were quite a few) will be solved or minimized by using proper open throat. Any that are left can be quickly eradicated because open throat provides a stable foundation for you to experiment from to correct the remaining pitch problems. The long and short is your pitch problems are largely from your lack of proper open throat technique.

    I am going to post two videos here from Ken on these two subjects. This is not exhaustive it is just to get you started and I highly suggest that you do further research on Ken's channel to get more information on these two fundamental ideas. Good luck to you on your journey :)


  • JacobPJacobP Member Posts: 12
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    Thank you @HuduVudu . I want to practice this and I have been trying but I am wondering if there is a discord server or other live chat system I could go to speak and learn how it is done 1 on 1. I know I have a lot of control over my voice I am just unsure of how it's supposed to feel. I learned how to sing by feeling each note and it's position in my throat so it's hard for me to fully grasp what he means when he explained the OTT.
  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    Getting one on one feedback is the realm of a vocal coach. Ken does do one on one sessions you can find out more about those here:

    Many other vocal coaches also do one on one sessions and a quick search will yield many results. Just make sure that you vet sources well to ensure the best experience for you.

    For me the KTVA course was the best value for the money. One thing I can say about all of this is that however you look at it, you are going to need to expend resources whether it be time or money. Singing isn't an easy process and it is shockingly resource intensive. When you buy courses or get coaches advice what you are essentially doing is paying money to save time. If you decide that you have more time than money then you will need to accommodate for the extra research and work that you will go through vetting and sourcing information, and much of the trial and error that will follow.

    The choice is up to you and never forget that this really is a journey. :)
  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
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    From: @JacobP

    I tried doing what Ken explained but I am not sure if this is right. It sounds better to me but IDK.

    Jacob, I have provided you the information that you need to correct the problems in your singing. I can not do the work for you and honestly if I were to Skype with you personally I would still say what I did. It is up to you to figure out how to work out the issues. I can not do the work for you. Ken's channel is a great resource, but you have to use it. Just a base reference for you. When I am in full practice mode I am practicing 3 hours a day six days a week, and TBH this is not really enough. Professional singers even at the low level practice much more than this. There is no quick path here and it is best to not bother with the thinking that there is, it will only keep you from the work that you need to undertake to accomplish what you are looking for. Get your fundamentals down and your singing will get better all on it's own.
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