Hey this is Jake

I am 18 years old and I have been Dreaming for a wile now to become a great singer. I am currently taking ken Tamplins vocal course. I have never taken lessons and I would consider myself a beginner. even though I've been trying to learn how to sing for a couple years now. I am hoping that this vocal course is what I need to be able to achieve my goals of being able to sing well. because I am a musician and the biggest setback for me is when I write songs I am unable to sing them comfortably which is discouraging. I even have songs fully recorded but there just sitting waiting on the vocal track because I am unable to preform the vocals to my liking. My dream is to have a relaxed, strong, and effortless sound. without pain or strain. I will be posting my singing on this forum and will appreciate any feedback and tips.


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