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Question about the La ah

So been watching ken youtube videos and Im thinking about buying the course.

To be honest i have been checking the forums and online reviews about it and looks like its competely legit.

So the thing thats been keeping me from buying it is just one excercise: the famous ping is king La ah. Only watching youtube i cant seem to get it down. Dont know if I have to look for a feeling on it or just by how it sounds and whenever I try it all I feel is stress on my jaw and have a tongue cramps. And seeing Ken and his students say is THE way to grow your voice im kinda worried

The million dollar question is if I buy the course, does it go in more detail to help me get it, or maybe I shoud get it down before I buy it???


  • Hey @ecaley,

    If you're willing, post an image of you doing the LAH-AH, or a short video, so we can see what is happening and try to help you. Stress in your jaw and tongue cramps sounds very difficult, and I'm sorry you're experiencing that.

    Maybe to start with, you could try to break this down a little. Imagine you actually are at the doctor, and they are asking to see your tonsils. Don't sing or vocalise -- just open your mouth and try to do as you are asked. What happens? Check for things like, are you opening your jaw very suddenly and forcefully? Try opening it slowly, letting the muscles stretch, and getting it into the LAH-AH position gradually.

    Is your tongue cramping? What were you doing exactly when the cramping started? Was it protruding from your mouth, or was it nicely down in the base of the jaw, or very wide, or...? Try to describe it.

    Do things gently, and try to identify the point at which tension creeps in.

    If you're able to get the jaw open like Ken, then gently introduce some sound. Let it be breathy at first, and then increase cord closure to get it nice and pingy. Keep the emphasis on doing this gently and gradually, so you can identify the point at which things start to hurt. It might be that you just aren't used to very fine control over these muscles, and so are using them more forcefully than is necessary just from habit. This can be fixed. :) Breathe, relax, and take it easy.
  • ecaleyecaley 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 4

    Thanks for responding @Sophia

    Okay so I tried opening the mouth slowly and it turns out if I open it all out the stress comes out. In this videos I try the La ah without stress in the jaw by opening it just before the point where it the stress starts. The tongue cramp happened because I tried to force the tongue down so thankfully all I had to do was relax the muscles.


    (sorry for the close up camera angles but I tried to show how much I can open and the sound more clearly)

    Is it necessary to open my mouth more??? or should I focus on other things like the sound????
  • Claude77Claude77 Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 213
    Hi @ecaley,

    buying the course will give you access to much more detailed information that you don't get for free.
    For me buying the course was the best investment I've ever done for my sining.

    About the LAH I would say that I am into my 2,5 years studying Ken's course and even though it's completely clear for me the meaning of "LAH" I still work and make it better and I will do it for a lot of time because the concept of the "LAH "is a big big subject that goes over a lot of things and it needs time and effort to obtain.

    So my final answer is YES if you buy the course you get more info about it's the LAH but you will understand also that it is a bigger subject that you might have thought.

  • ecaleyecaley 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 4
    Hi @Claude77 thanks for responding

    I decided to buy the course and recently started watching the videos hope to start the exercises soon. Its reassuring to know that it takes time to get it I was getting frustrated because I thought it looked so simple and I couldn't do it.

    Thanks again to both of you for taking the time to help
  • HuduVuduHuduVudu 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,818
    ecaley don't forget with the purchase of the course you get access to the student areas. There is a ton of information there. Follow this link to get upgraded:
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