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Hello from Vancouver! Took vocal lessons in the past...trying to keep up on technique

tmeerstmeers Posts: 12.0 PRO
Hey there fellow singers!

My name is Taylor, and I'm a singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC. I've played in a few bands in my time, and took two years of vocal lessons back in 2009. Been a member since December, but just getting around to introductions now! The main reason I signed up for KTVA is because I'm working on a solo rock project, and felt like if I really want to front a rock band then I should learn how to belt and sing with distortion properly. I also wanted to brush up on proper technique since I was worried I'd picked up some bad habits over the past ten years.

Loving the course so far, and I especially love the vocal exercises that I can put on my phone to warm up on the way to a gig! I can definitely feel and hear the improvement in my singing since I've signed up, especially when I compare old demos to songs I've recorded recently!


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